Lagoon Watermen

Welcome to the Indian River Lagoon.

The IRL occupies 40% of Florida’s East coast, is comprised of 6 counties and 39 cities, generates $7.6 Billion annually, is home to 1.6 Million residents and is one of the most biologically diverse estuaries in the continental United States with 4,300 documented species, 21 of which, are endangered.  The IRL is a key driver to the wealth and health of Florida’s economy by providing jobs, housing, tourism, industry and recreation.

Today, the Lagoon is in peril. A number of overlapping issues, including poor water management practices, inadequate sewage and storm-water treatment, excess fertilizer runoff and diminished tidal flow have created a cycle of algae blooms, oxygen deprivation and seagrass die-offs that have threatened the very existence of this special ecosystem.

But it’s not too late. We have gathered a world-class nexus of conservationists, guides, scientists and concerned citizens to create change. Change in water-management policy. Increase environmental enforcement. Better conservation education. And a commitment to help the world understand how unique and important this place is, and why it is worth protecting.

So join us in this fight. We can use every helping hand and every open mind to create this movement.