About Us

The Lagoon Watermen Alliance is comprised of a core group of Conservationists, Guides, Scientists, and Community Leaders dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring the unique ecosystem of the greater Mosquito Lagoon. We are driven to create science-based solutions to the environmental elements that threaten the balance of this area, and we will work with the local communities, policymakers, industry influencers, and leaders to ensure that the Lagoon will thrive for generations to come.

Mission Statement

The mission of Lagoon Watermen Alliance is to protect the entire Indian River Lagoon system by advocating for science-based solutions that will lead to improved water quality, protection of imperiled habitats, and safeguarding of gamefish populations.

Our Vision

We want to educate, inform, and create change to preserve and protect the Indian River Lagoon’s waters, habitats, and fisheries for future generations. Through stakeholder engagement, education, and advocacy, we will fight to ensure that policymakers, local residents, business owners, and water users all understand the sense of urgency required to preserve the Indian River Lagoon before today’s damage becomes irreversible.


Board of Directors:

Billy Rotne, Hannah Herrero, Ashley Weber, Benny Blanco, Zack Jud, Caley Smith, Justin Price, Scott MacCalla, Will Wolfson, Chris Wittman

Advisory Board:

Markham Cronin, Jonathan Moss, Avery Gillett, Josh Hendry


Executive committee: Billy Rotne, Hannah Herrero, Ashley Weber, Benny Blanco

Science committee: Hannah Herrero, Zack Jud, Billy Rotne

Social media committee: Ashley Weber (Social media manager), Cody Rubner (Social media assistant), Markham Cronin (Website manager), Benny Blanco

Treasurer: Jim Chell, Caley Smith (Co-Treasurer)

Secretary: Ashley Weber

Business Admin: Caley Smith